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5 Ways to Increase your level of Consciousness

As the founder of the Irish, British and Australian Mindfulness Academies a regular question I am asked is 'How do I increase my level of consciousness or awareness?' The same question arises within the Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) sessions that I facilitate, as a Level 2 Certified Practitioner.

Firstly, it's important to understand why it would be of benefit to increase our consciousness/awareness or frequency. After all our minds are not interested in something that it doesn't perceive as valuable.

So, here goes........We are all vibrating at a particular level, just like the earth itself does. The higher our vibrations the greater our connection with Source/Universal Energy/Soul/Spirit/Oversoul/Higher Self/Core Being..... As we increase our level of consciousness we have greater access to all of these, which are the portal to the higher realms of energy, beyond the existing earth plane energy. As part and parcel of vibrating higher we also have access to our innate state of being - which is happiness, and who doesn't want that?

I was lucky enough to have found that connection and energy in my early teens, or what I should say more correctly is that - it found me!

Since then it has been a life-long quest of mine to live at the highest level of consciousness that I possibly can, and also to help anyone who is interested to also live at this level. Since 1999 I have helped thousands to raise their levels of consciousness through the various modalities that I have taught and offered - True Spiritual Mindfulness, Consciousness Yoga, as a Dietitian and last, but not least, by the transferring of higher energy, through therapeutic energy massage. My most recent foray is into QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), as developed by the late and great Dolores Cannon.

  1. Watch the Thoughts that you Think:

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, the good news being that we can only think one thought at once. Each of these thoughts is an energy vibration, thoughts of love, gratitude, kindness all vibrate at a very high level, as these thoughts match who we are at the level of our True Self. Other thoughts vibrate at a lower level, these would be bad thoughts towards ourselves and others, and thoughts such as jealousy, greed, low-self esteem etc. So to keep our vibrations high it's important to watch what thoughts we think.

2. Spend Time in Nature:

This is an classic one but too often with our busy life-styles we can overlook this. Nature is in its perfect place is vibrating at a very pure and high level. By spending time in nature we get to absorb it's vibrations. If you find it a struggle to set aside an amount of time to do this, just start small. Perhaps 5 minutes out in the garden in the morning, or 5 minutes in the park or walking on the grass at lunchtime. Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Watch the Food that you Eat:

Nobody wants to be that paragon of virtue, that never allows a morsel of 'bad' food pass their lips, but the food we eat is making up every cell of our body and of our minds and therefore causing our vibrations to rise or fall. Try as best you can to eat plenty of foods that are high in life-force - i.e. close as possible to nature. In the 1920's Kirlian Photography was developed in Russia, where they can photograph the aura/energy field around foods. It's very interesting to see - the difference in the energy field around a bar of chocolate and an orange is astounding, and no prizes for guessing which one is the winner in the energy stakes! So, it's okay to have our treats but alas, a treat doesn't happen every day :).

4. Be in the Present Moment:

One of the quickest and easiest ways of tuning into our natural happiness is to be in the present moment and especially by doing the things that we like. Watch how little children are so absorbed into the present moment. As a result of this (and much less heavy thought occupying their mind) their vibrations are very high, that's why we all love them and are attracted to them so much. By being in the present moment, we too can step out of any those thoughts that are weighing us down. At best we get a temporary reprieve from any challenges that may be difficult for us. By being in the present moment we 'recharge' our inner batteries and this allows us to deal better with any situations we may be dealing with, just in the same way as we charge up our mobile devices, for better operating power.

5. Practice Meditation:

It's last but definitely not least. For relaxation and true lasting wellness meditation is an excellent tool to add to your toolbox. It doesn't have to be a lengthy one but each moment of meditation is moving us down into the lower brain wave rhythms. 'Beta' is our normal waking brain wave state - just think 'B for Busy'. The moment we close our eyes we are in the 'Alpha' brain wave state where we have closed off all the visual incoming stimuli. Now our brains are having a much needed rest. If like I was at the beginning, you're not naturally enthusiastic about meditation, just start small. You will begin to notice the benefits very quickly and this will then encourage you to do it, to a point where you begin to feel something is missing, if you don't do your regular meditation.

I know these tips will help you deepen that connection with yourself and that True Self within is already vibrating at the same level as the Universal Source Consciousness. All we need to do is to side-step what's blocking us from accessing it.

My very best wishes,

Carmel (Farnan)

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