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Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

Online Counselling and Online Life Coaching Service Worldwide

Child counselling

Benefits of online psychotherapy and counselling for you:

Mindfulness in nature

'As effective as face to face Counselling'

  • Research has shown that it has the same success rate as traditional face to face counselling

  • It is available to everyone in all areas of Ireland, by making one simple phone call.

  • It is available outside of normal office hours so you don’t have to take time off work.

  • It’s ideal if you are housebound for any reason e.g. disability, caring for small children/elderly parents, and have no support system to allow you spend time away from home.

  • It’s highly flexible and can be accessed from your home, car or office, therefore maximising your privacy.

  • It is especially suitable for clients who may experience mobility issues.

  • The use of Skype video calls facilitate rapport as both client and therapist are viewable online.

Why Online Counselling Works

  • Research conducted at Trinity College, Ireland has shown that online counselling replicates the results of traditional counselling. You can access the research paper from this link

  • Our online psychotherapists and counsellors adhere to the same Code of Ethics as traditional counselling.

  • The same levels of confidentiality occur within both traditional and online counselling.

  • Our online psychotherapists and counsellors are fully accredited.
    All our counsellors have in excess of 12 years clinical experience.

Adult counselling

Skype counselling consists of  video sessions on your computer or mobile device in which you and your therapist can see each other, the same as in face to face counselling.


This can be very useful in building a trusting Counselling relationship. 


These sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.


All calls are free, no matter where you are in the world.

Cost is €80 per session. Please note each session lasts one hour (this is longer than the traditional 50 minute therapy session).

Book Your

Counselling Session

To book your online counselling session call Carmel now on  086 8122043

Private & Confidential 

Telephone Counselling

Some clients may prefer telephone counselling over other forms. This can be due to problems with internet, or the issues for which you are seeking counselling, may mean that you are more at ease with telephone counselling sessions instead of Skype video sessions.


For these reasons we also offer telephone counselling to individuals and couples for a wide range of issues.

Cost is €80 per session. Please note each session lasts one hour (this is longer than the traditional 50 minute therapy session).

Skype Counselling


All counselling is of a strictly confidential nature. However, by law we are required to break that confidentiality if we feel a client is in danger of harming themselves or another, or if a client expresses intent to break the law”.  The reading of this statement is deemed to be informed consent by the client.

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