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Corporate Wellbeing 

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Can your business afford to offer stress management and well-being classes for your employees?

If, as an Employer or HR Specialist, you can honestly say that absenteeism isn’t costing your company too much, that stress-related work issues don’t affect employee productivity and that morale and efficiency are at an all time high, you can STOP READING THIS.

If, however, like the majority of companies, you agree that you would benefit from having employees who are fitter, in better health physically and mentally, and who know how to deal with stressful situations, READ ON…

Carmel Farnan, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, comes from a business background (see about) and understands first-hand how stress affects your employees and your business. She has been contracted by a number of organisations in the Dublin area to improve employee well-being, and offers a variety of services including:

  • Stress Management training

  • Nutrition advice

  • Professional counselling

  • Well-being days (as part of National Health & Safety Week)

  • Employee Assistance Programme registered practitioner (LINK TO EAP site)

Some companies to whom Carmel has provided a variety of her services are listed below :

  • Bank of Ireland

  • New Ireland Insurance

  • Lifetime Insurance

  • Prudential Insurance

  • Fingal County Childcare Creches

  • Fingal County Childcare Committee.

For a full range of our Mindfulness courses also see:

She is also retained by a leading EAP provider in Dublin and Cork , who provide EAP services to a wide range of large and small organisations across all sectors in Ireland, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and also many areas of the public sector.

086 812 2043

Contact us  today to hear first-hand how other companies have benefited and to find out how YOUR company can achieve tangible improvements in employee attendance, morale, efficiency, retention, and productivity levels.

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