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Executive Coaching

Business Meeting

Executive Coaching is a one to one process for senior and management-level clients to increase the client’s managerial and/or leadership performance and can include coaching in the clients personal life, where requested or is deemed applicable.

How does Executive Coaching work?

First Session 

At the first session clients have the opportunity to raise issues of relevance to their business role and personal effectiveness. They are invited to raise any issues, which they feel are affecting their job performance or personal well-being. The provisional outcomes for the executive coaching process are set.

Follow On Sessions 

In the follow on sessions, practical, long-term strategies and interventions for resolving issues will be discussed. Opportunities for accessing appropriate support or resources will be explored. Relevant materials, resources and reading etc. will be provided to each participant. These sessions generally last between 1 to 1.5 hours. You will be supported through change and understand why outer change can only be effected by change which happens from within.

All coaching is conducted within a confidential, private and supportive collaborative environment.

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