Can we help you?

Are you unhappy in yourself, your work, your relationships, your life? Do you feel as if there must be more to life than the way you are currently living?

What is holding you back…

  • Depression?
  • Bereavement?
  • Stress or anxiety?
  • Relationship issues?
  • Panic attacks?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • Insecurity?
  • Family issues?
  • Unsure how to reach your goals?

What is preventing YOU from being the person you want to be and enjoying life? Maybe all you need is a helping hand …

Our team of Counsellors and Psychotherapists are highly qualified specialists with over 30 years experience who understand that we must look after our mind, body and spirit in order to achieve our full potential as human beings. This team offers a full range of services to address the psychological, emotional and life issues we face across our lives.

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Providing Psychotherapy, Counselling and Mindfulness Courses in Dublin, North Dublin, Dublin North, Skerries, Rush, Lusk, North County Dublin, Fingal and Ireland.

Skerries Clinic: Seaholm Medical Centre, 10 Holmpatrick, Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

When you feel that you have nobody who you can confide in and discuss life’s stresses with, rather than letting them get you down, why not consider counselling? Whether it’s relationships, career worries or just everyday stresses, unhappiness or low mood which are negatively impacting your well-being, professional and sympathetic counselling is available right here.


Mindfulness simply means learning to pay attention to the present moment. At the moment you may be missing parts of your life because you are simply not present in it. Instead many people are in fact “living in their heads” as opposed to their actual life. This over-thinking leads to huge stress and unhappiness. This Mindfulness course teaches you to reduce stressful thinking and fully enjoy your own life. It also draws from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help remove negative thought patterns while tools from Positive Psychology can help promote a positive outlook and positive experience of life. Carmel Farnan’s Mindfulness Courses can help you achieve this now.


Modern life can be extremely stressful, and failing to give yourself sufficient time to really unwind results in an accumulation of stress. Through Mindfulness Courses you will learn how to meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways of unwinding, and by participating in one of the fantastic Mindfulness classes on offer here, you learn relaxation, how live in the present moment coupled with stress management techniques .


Psychotherapy can help in a number of ways – from boosting confidence, to achieving those personal goals which can seem out of reach. If you are looking to change your life for the better, Our team of Psychotherapists and Counsellors has over 30 years of clinical experience in providing Psychotherapy which produces lasting results.

Life Coaching/Executive Coaching

Most of us have personal and professional goals which we wish to achieve, although there are times when achieving them can prove very difficult. If this sounds familiar to you, rather than admitting defeat and giving up on your goals, why not try life coaching? For life coaching that can help to produce real results, call Carmel Farnan BSc (Hons) Psychology now.