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Mindfulness @ Work Ireland

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In the frantic pace of modern life many employees stress levels are at an all time high. Work related stress in addition to family and general life pressures all contribute to a negative emotional state. It is through the filter of this negative emotional state that employees are attempting to perform well in the workplace.  They may rush from one task to the next to maintain productivity levels. However,  due to the negative impact on the brains attentional levels, productivity may in fact decline. The inevitable result is a further increase in stress levels. Additionally, we are now part of a “24/7 – Always On” lifestyle. This is compounded by modern technology which means that staff may never in fact “leave” the office. Work accompanies them on the train, through mealtimes, eating into family time as a result of the omnipresent smartphone or tablet. Mindfulness offers the tools which allow us navigate these stressful situations with more ease and less stress and in turn to de-stress and return to a sense of ease and well-being.

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What are the benefits of Mindfulness ?

In the workplace Mindfulness offers the following benefits :

  • Increased employee engagement.

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.

  • Lowering of conflict levels.

  • Improved resilience.

  • Improved communication.

  • Improved mental performance

  • Increased attention span

  • Greater decision making skills

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Improved emotional well-being

  • Greater energy and vitality

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Better work performance

Course Objectives

This course gives attendees a range of key mindfulness skills which they will be able to apply to enhance both their work and personal lives. The theory behind mindfulness and the benefits offered from regular practice are also discussed. Emphasis is placed on how attendees can improve their performance and manage their mental and emotional well-being effectively, through adapting these mindfulness techniques to their unique circumstances.



Our mind is the most powerful instrument of all, yet we receive more instruction on how to use the latest technology than we do on how to use our minds. Left to its own devices our minds can resort to unhelpful thinking styles and patterns. These can negatively impact on our performance and mental and emotional well-being.

Mindfulness training offers an incredibly powerful approach to developing our happiness levels, utilising our mental capabilities, promoting emotional balance and boosting physical vitality. Research has shown that people who regularly practice mindfulness are happier, perform better, have greater resilience to stress, and enjoy healthier relationships. Many of these benefits accrue within weeks of regular practice.

Why is our course different ?

Whilst research overwhelmingly supports the benefits of Mindfulness, it has also shown that is not the total answer. While Mindfulness becomes easier through disciplined practice, anyone who has practiced it will acknowledge that during stressful times, old negative thought patterns and behaviours may reappear thus sabotaging the practice of Mindfulness. Tools are also needed to help dissolve these old unwanted thinking habits.

While primarily focused on Mindfulness, this course also teaches practices from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help eradicate these negative thought patterns which reside in the unconscious mind. It also draws on scientific tools from Positive Psychology which centre on teaching people how to be happier. This combination of approaches offers participants a total approach to lasting happiness and well-being in life.

Mindfulness Research

  • An extensive body of academic research supports the benefits of mindfulness practice for mental performance, emotional well-being, physical health and more

  • Recent developments from the field of Neuroscience show that mindfulness practice produces positive changes in the structure and functioning of the brain


Who should attend?

Any member of staff who would like to improve their mental abilities and emotional well-being and experience greater happiness in life.

Training Style

This is an experiential course which focuses on providing attendees with the key skills necessary for them to develop their own mindfulness practice. Mindfulness techniques are practiced and the course is interactive so that attendees can address any issues or questions that may arise. Emphasis is placed on integrating mindfulness skills into daily life. Attendees receive a workbook called ‘Mindfulness for Work and Life’ which contains practical exercises and strategies for support in developing mindfulness as an on-going habit.


Key Content

  • The theory and philosophy of mindfulness

  • Research findings on the benefits of practicing mindfulness

  • The positive effects of mindfulness on the brain and body

  • Learn and practice key mindfulness meditation techniques

  • Learn effective ways to become more mindful during the working day

  • Learn to eradicate unhelpful thinking styles using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine over the coming weeks and months

  • Increase happiness levels through the use of scientifically validated tools from Positive Psychology


Course Availability

In House Course: this course is available to run in-house and can also be modified to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.

One-to-One Coaching: we also offer individual coaching in mindfulness.


Course Format:

One day course.

Follow-on courses are available.


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Corporate Customers have included  -  Bank of Ireland, Prudential Insurance, New Ireland Insurance, Bank of Ireland Life Assurance, Fingal County Council, Dublin, Ireland.

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