The Psychopath and Drama

Psychopaths love to declare their hatred of drama, but you’ll find there is more drama surrounding them than anyone you have ever met in your life. At first you will think you are going crazy – feeling jealous, playing detective, disliking people you have never even met. But all of those things are intentional – in Psychopathic language it’s called “Crazy-Making”. Psychopaths are constantly manufacturing paranoia, competition and drama. Then they sit back and act innocent, judging you for reacting (as they hoped you would) to the unpleasant situations they have created.

Some people stay hooked for a long time, or forever, constantly drawn back into the arena by the psychopaths false flattery and pathological lies. Others manage to escape, no longer believing the lies. The discard phase now begins – the person who had so many positive attributes that the Psychopath once couldn’t stop waxing lyrical about is now the “Crazy”, “Oversensitive”, “Bi-Polar” “Bitter” one.

Welcome such labels for it is a sign that you found the common denominator in all of the Psychopaths behaviour, which always keeps the same pattern – Idealise, Devalue, Discard. Now that you’ve left it all behind you’re on the route to healing and true happiness.

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Couples Counselling

Interesting article in the New York Times regarding couples counselling. However, the solution focussed brief therapy we use at Carmel Farnan Counselling Centre has an 82% success rate.

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Mindfulness in Medicine

Here’s a very interesting article about how Doctors who are trained in Mindfulness have great impact on their patients…..

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Mindfulness Courses Ireland

A question I’m often asked on the Mindfulness courses is “Why bother practicing mindfulness?” The answer to that is this : inside each of us is a source energy, which is normally supressed by our negative thinking/worries/stresses. Through mindfulness practice we reduce the number of negative thoughts we have each day, and those thoughts then die off through a lack of attention. This reduction in thinking allows that source energy inside us to be uncovered again (just like little children who live from it). Then you experience true happiness. And that’s the very reason to practice Mindfulness. See/hear/feel/taste/smell what’s in front of you now – that’s Mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Training in Schools

Very interesting article detailing how in the first year of Mindfulness Training in School that the suspension rate dropped by 46%.

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