Mindfulness for Children

Really interesting article in The Times relating to Mindfulness for Children and how it reduces anxiety


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Getting the most out of your Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to achieve authentic happiness in life. I have personally been practicing it for the past 18 years and have truly found it life-changing. In my recent psychology and mindfulness studies I have become aware that if I also practice dwelling on positive experiences (either current or past ones) that also has helped my mindfulness practice.

The reason for this is well documented within psychology. “What you focus on grows” focusing on the present moment grows your practice of Mindfulness. Many people on my courses say “Yes, I’m fine when I practice Mindfulness, but I can’t do that 24/7 and I end up thinking about all the negative stuff once I stop my formal Mindfulness practice”.  So, over the last 13 years when I have been teaching Mindfulness courses in Ireland and the UK, and even Mindfulness in the workplace courses, I have found attendees get great results when they choose to put all of their attention on positive memories or positive life experiences outside of the times they are doing their formal mindfulness practice.

In recent years I have also used Mindfulness as a therapeutic tool with counselling and psychotherapy clients in Ireland and the UK. They have often gotten amazing results and freedom from problems such as depression. A very good resource to read if you are experiencing any problems such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks is The Mindful Way through Depression, by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, Jon Kabat-Zinn (it works for all other counselling problems too).

It’s truly possible for all of us through Mindfulness to achieve deep happiness in life.

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