Counselling & Psychotherapy – Moods

As you are learning to manage to your emotional state you may notice sometimes that unexpectedly your mood changes. People are sometimes confused with this sudden dip in their mood. It can happen so quickly that they may not even have time to recognise that a negative thought has passed through their mind, thus causing this mood decline.

While we may not be able to control an automatic thought that pops up uninvited, we can absolutely control what happens next. Remember, one thought cannot keep a low mood going, it’s when you dwell on these thoughts that the low mood persists. Remember, we are all naturally happy but sometimes this happiness gets covered over by the bad thoughts. Therefore, to return to your innate happy state you need to distract yourself by concentrating on what is happening in the present moment. Alternatively, distract yourself by doing something you enjoy, perhaps a walk, reading or watching a favourite tv show. Have a great day.

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